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Showcase 3A--Fort Orange Stamp Club 4th annual exhibition--large flag made of various U.S. stamps, with hand-drawn and hand-lettered embellishment.  Unframed.  --$600
Showcase 3B:  ---  Photo of pen work done by head of business school (companion piece of framed pen work to right of photo)
Showcase 3C:  --- SOLD
 Painting on academy board: Teddy Roosevelt
Showcase 3D:  ---  18th C. masterpiece: handmade puzzle lock with original key (and illustrated instructions, thank goodness) .  Pieces in puzzle section must be aligned correctly to allow key insertion.      $2200.00 (includes shipping, insurance) -- click "buy this" button
Showcase 3E: --- Three drums--1 for tourists, 2 for use.  The right-hand one is, as you see, from Pfister Creek Community.  The faint red circles are postal cancellation stamps from the Rosebud Reservation (to make sure the message gets through?)  Pfister Creek Drum: $700.00  (Incl. shipping, ins.)
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Showcase Top Pick: WWI Hand-Carved German Eagle Trophy
Tray Front
Tray back
Detail of handle
Detail of edge
C. B. Pratt was from Homer, MI. During the Civil War he was made Commandant of the Louisville military prison; after the war he became Superintendent of the Louisville City Railway Co. This engraved silver-plated tray was a Christmas present from the employees of the railway company.  

Legend engraved center: "Presented to / CAPT / C.B. PRATT. / Superintendent / LOUISVILLE CITY RAILWAY CO. / by the / Employees / Dec 25th 1866"    $1500.00
Potted lily motif at head of case
Peach on side back
Detail of hardware & surface
Trompe-l'œil "hole" in case showing scrolled peg head
Mid-19th C. painted wood fiddle case with several different motifs. Wonderful crackled paint surface.
Price includes shipping and insurance.